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We ensure today that you can comply to the EU legislation of 2025, that dictates that at least 25% of your packaging should be made of recycled material. We can reach this goal today or expand it to 100%. Furthermore, our PET bottles, jars and jerrycans have a few more advantages compared to traditional HDPE:

  1. PET saves you 25%-50% of raw material
  2. PET is a lot stronger
  3. PET is globally best recycled
  4. 100% recycled PET is food approved
  5. PET is cheaper


Nowadays, we are capable of using recycled material to create a bottle that is identical to the bottles we are used to. A recycled bottle has the same characteristics as one made from virgin material, even when it comes to food safety! Recycled bottles are recognizable by their slightly grey tint. What makes this innovation so important, is that a bottle can now be completely made from old bottles. Previously, recycled material would be contaminated during recycling resulting in a loss of quality. HPI can conserve the high-quality PET and thus make 100% new bottles from 100% old bottles!

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Getting together to create a sustainable future

Grey is the new green! With our 100% recycled bottles we create a future in which the use of PET-bottles can truly be green. The greyly tinted bottles are symbol for responsible use of the classic PET-bottle.